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Hotel, Restaurant & Bar Equipment Supplier

SINCE 2014

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We are here to meet your Restaurant & Bar business eqipment needs since 2014.

trustco is here so you don't have to be worried about your restaurant, bar and hotel business equipment. We imports internationally brands Ice Machines, Cookers, Food Mixers, Chaffing dishes (Single/Double), Ice Buckets, Glass Washers, Whiskey Glasses, Juice Glasses, Bear Mugs, Deluxe Whiskey Glasses, Soup Pots, Roll Chaffing Dishes, Deluxe Whiskey Glasses, Bain-Marie (Buffy), Ice Crusher Machines etc. We also have a large collection of electrical power equipment like inverters and Generators. We offer the best prices in Bangladesh.

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Saturday - Thursday: 09AM - 10PM | Friday - Closed

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Our Collection

Quality Products, Best prices

"Quality First" may be just a sentence elsewhere, but here in Trustco it's a commitment! We ensure the quality rather than the quantity as we believe quality ingredients and equipment are the prior need to the success of every businesses. We are offering the best price on Ice Machines and other equipment in Bangladesh.

Ice Machinces

We have the largest collection of Ice Machines in Bangladesh. Snooker is our brand of choice! We also have ice machines of the American Brand "Hoshizaki".

Ice Crushers

We are importing the best quality Industry-Standard Ice Crushers in Bangladesh. We are working directly with top-notch company who are ready to meet our customers needs.

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Kitchen Equipment

Best Quality and Luxurious glassware and ceramic items for kitchen needs! We are here to offer you a tension free business.

Electric Power Tools

We import the most powerful and qualified electric and electronics tools like Electric Inverter, Generator etc. Do you need anything else?

Better Products | Best Business

Why trustco?

Cause, you need quality and that's what we are proud of!

From 2014, Trustco has been running their businesses with pride and reputation without compromising quality at the best price over the market. We are committed to offer you the best quality products as well as the after-sale services. Here's why you should by from us:

  • Best Quality Products
  • 20+ years in Business
  • Dedicated after-sale Services
  • Ability to fulfill large quantity demands
  • Best Price in Bangladesh (BD).

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Happy Customers...

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